Alton Room Escape General Information
Some things to know before you book your Alton Room Escape adventure. 
Reservations must be made at least 2 hours in advance and must be booked online*​             Go to BOOKING PAGE
Cost: $25 per person (ages 10+; at least one adult must accompany any group of minors)
​​*trouble booking online? please call or text - we can help! (618) 876-9768
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ROOM #1 Captain's Quarters
Minimum 2 players. ​
Maximum 8 players.
Two levels:
M (Moderate) level is standard. 
D (Difficult) level is for experienced ER players who want a challenge.

You will not be locked in the room. You are free to exit the room at any time.
If you have a group larger than 12, you will need to book both rooms which can be played at the same time. 
For last minute bookings or a custom start time, please call or text (618) 876-9768  to check availability.
Limited kitchen facilities available. Restrooms available. Wheelchair accessible.
ROOM #2​​
Trail's End
Minimum 4 players.
​Maximum 12 players.
Please email or text ahead of your reservation time if you would like to reserve our conference room - there is no extra charge, however, use is subject to availability.
ALL bookings are automatically PRIVATE! You will not be grouped with strangers. You will not have to purchase open spots to have the escape room to yourselves. 
Want to surprise a loved one? Let us know 2 days ahead of your booking, and we can hide something in the room for you! (an engagement ring, birthday card, etc.)