At Alton Room Escape, our escape rooms are not scary or creepy at all. They are designed to be fun, challenging, and enjoyable for all ages.

Captain's Quarters

Your group is sailing on a ship in the 1600s, headed for a new life across the ocean. You've sailed into an area where pirates have been attacking ships, taking over and forcing ship captains to walk the plank. Unless your group can escape being held captive in the pirates' Captain's Quarters, your Cap'n will most like become bait for the sharks! The pirates are plundering your ship, and you have 60 minutes to escape and save your Cap'n!

There are two versions of Captain's Quarters:

Version M: (M for Moderately challenging - default setting).

For those who are new or fairly new to this type of activity, who may (or may not) have some team members who are under 18 in their group
Completion rate: 53% with 2-5 clues

Version D: (D for very Difficult - only choose this if you have a very experienced group)
Completion rate: 15% with 2 clues

Minimum 2 people, up to 8 maximum. $25 per person.

Clues are given freely - just ask Polly the parrot!

Trail's End


Your group has been hiking all day and it was so beautiful you lost track of time and are utterly lost in the wilderness! Now, it's an hour before sunset when the park will be closing.

You know it's hopeless to try to hike back out by yourselves, and you need to find a way to contact the Ranger's Station since there is no cell service. 

Fortunately, you have stumbled across the Trail's End Cabin, available for public use, which has a 2-way radio to contact the rangers for rescue. The only problem is some pranksters have hidden the radio which you must find, along with the correct channel and passcode so the rangers know you are not just another prank call at the end of the day! 

​Think you can find what you need to contact the rangers before they head home? Otherwise, it'll be a long, cold night in Trail's End cabin!

Completion rate: 56% 
Clues - you earn as many as you want or need with no limit or penalty!

Minimum 4 people, up to 12 maximum. $25 per person.