D o          ...with a team!
Alton     . ..with friends and family!
Room challenge yourself!
Escape win!   
  =   D.A.R.E. ... to have fun!   
Communication. Cooperation.     

What are the Escape Rooms at Alton Room Escape, and other escape rooms all about?
An escape room game is a live action adventure played out in a themed room where your team will work together, search for clues, and solve puzzles that ultimately lead to a way to "escape" in 60 minutes or less. How you escape depends on the scenario. At Alton Room Escape, we have challenging puzzles and games that are fun to do with your group of family, friends, colleagues, sports team, etc. We do not put any strangers in the room with you - when you make your booking, it is automatically private at no extra cost to you. 

An excellent way to build team skills and/or allow a group of people (family, friends, colleagues) to have a challenging, fun, and usually thrilling experience!

Background: Escape rooms took off in 2012 in Asia, and became very popular! They spread through Asia, then Europe, and finally the United States. As of September 2017, there were reported to be approximately 8,000 escape room venues worldwide.

What can I expect in an Escape Room?
The puzzles and clues to decipher are as diverse and creative as the designers of the room can make them. At Alton Room Escape, our two rooms are uniquely designed by the owners who run the business ourselves. We love playing games and solving puzzles, as well as the enjoyment of doing this with our friends and family.

Concepts can come from the latest in technology, or from historical or cultural contexts. There may be word puzzles, logic to work out, and usually simple or complex directions to follow. It's possible you may need to use all of your senses, from touch to smell to taste. Successful teams use the strengths of all their players. As the escape room expert explains in the video here, your team will do well to have players who are good communicators, good searchers, and those who are good with logistics. 

What are some tips for success? (watch video for more tips)
Communication, collaboration, and cooperation!   All are important for your team to successfully work together to keep finding clues and solving puzzles, leading you to be able to successfully escape within the time limit. Your brains will be working overtime with challenging new ideas and concepts that are exciting and fun. Keep up your team spirit by encouraging each other to share freely and work together effectively. Usually, once you've "escaped," it's just as fun to take some time to debrief your experience - which often leads to developing strategies for being even more successful in your next escape room experience!

Is there a waiver?
Yes. Upon arrival in our lobby you will need to sign a waiver before participating.

Is there a meeting room for groups or teams?
Alton Room Escape has a conference room for meetings and parties. This room may be booked for corporate events, birthday or other parties, luncheons, etc, whether or not your group partakes of the escape room experience. Limited kitchen facilities are available. Email or call for more information. Reservations must be made in advance and are subject to availability.

What hours is Alton Room Escape open?
You can book one of our room escape adventures almost any day - typically we are open from 10 AM to 10 PM, however, sometimes the schedule varies depending on the time of year. For availability, go to our booking page. If you don't see a day or time that works for your group, give us a call! We have been known to open for people who call and ask for times they don't see available on our booking page.  

What does it cost?
The cost for one escape room game: $25 per person. The best price in the area and cheaper than escape rooms in St. Louis!

Do you have any discounts or promotions?
Yes - every month! Check our Promotions page for puzzles to solve - the answer is a promotion code that can be used for a discount when you book during the valid dates for that puzzle. Promotions are subject to change. 

Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Yes! Escape Room adventures make perfect gifts, and you can purchase gift vouchers for various amounts by clicking on  Promotions/Gift Vouchers  (or from the menu). Select the amount you want to purchase and we'll send to you, the purchaser, the voucher that can be printed and included in a gift card.
The recipient can redeem the voucher on our web site when they make a booking. If the full amount of the voucher is not used, the credit left can be used for future bookings. (In this case the voucher does not need to be redeemed again, the recipient just needs to sign in and any remaining amount will automatically be applied).