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***Now accepting reservations for our NEWEST ROOM "Trail's End"   Scroll down for more information!***

   Communication.     Cooperation.     Collaboration.​
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Captain's Quaaarrters!
NEW!  Trail's End

Captain's Quaaaarters!

Your group is sailing on a ship in the 1600s, headed for a new life across the ocean. You've sailed into an area where pirates have been attacking ships, taking over and forcing ship captains to walk the plank. Unless your group can escape being held captive in the pirates' Captain's Quarters, your Cap'n will most like become bait for the sharks! The pirates are plundering your ship, and you have 60 minutes to escape and save your Cap'n!

There are two versions of Captain's Quarters:

Version M: (M for Moderately challenging)
For groups of 2 to 8 people who are new or fairly new to this type of activity,
who may (or may not) have some team members who are under 18 in their group
Completion rate: 42% with 2-5 clues

Version D: (D for very Difficult - only choose this if you have a very experienced group)
Completion rate: 11% with just 1 clue and at least 4 people

We here at Alton Room Escape want you to
have fun!
Version M is our default booking.
If you consider your group to be experts,
please choose Version D for the most challenging room escape!

NEW! Trail's End:

This is not a scary or creepy escape room! This is an authentic-looking, cozy cabin in the woods that your group stumbles upon after a long day of hiking and exploring in The Vast Wilderness National Park.
Now, you're hopelessly lost.

Your phones have run out of battery, even so, there is no service in this remote area.

A sign on the cabin door informs you there is a radio inside which you can use to call the Ranger Station for assistance. 

Upon entering the cabin, you realize some pranksters thought it would be hilarious to hide the radio that you desperately need to find.

The park closes at sunset. You only have 60 minutes before the Ranger Station closes.

Not only must you find the radio, but you'll need to figure out the special passcode the rangers now require because they've received so many prank calls!

Moderately challenging! 

Minimum 4 players, and up to 12.


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